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Below are a list of questions that we have been asked whilst carrying out site surveys, if you require further information regarding the questions below, or have a question for us, please use the Contact form or email us at


How can I control the spread of the seeds from Japanese knotweed?


There are no seeds on Japanese knotweed in this country, the plant is spread during ground disturbance and fly tipping.



Knotweed looks similar to other plants, how do i know that i have got knotweed on my property?


The quickest way would be to email a photo to a specialist, such as Knotweed, send a photograph to us at, we will email you back, free of charge, with the answer.

How long will Japanese knotweed treatment take?


Treatment programs vary but typically need re-peat treatment of between 3 - 5 years.  Excavation will be the quickest method, but also the most expensive.



My neighbour has got Japanese knotweed in her garden, it has now started to spread into my garden, can i force her to kill it?


In a word - No! You cannot force her to kill the knotweed on her property, you can ask her to take action to stop it spreading onto your property. You could also take the matter to court, but this will be a long and expensive road. Installation of a root barrier is an option, but once again an expensive one. The least expensive and easiest way in most cases is to speak to your neighbour and come to some agreement that suits both parties.

Is Japanese Knotweed poisonous?


No, in fact there are many recipes available on the internet containing knotweed, ranging from soups to knotweed and apple crumble.

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